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5 Reasons Why You Should Train in Karate

Karate is one of the most well-known martial arts. It is also more than that. Karate promotes discipline, motivation, confidence, fitness, self-defence, and the list goes on. Enrolling in a dedicated martial arts program is super simple and perfect for all ages. Plus, it comes with a growing challenge to strengthen the mind, body and spirit. Below are some reasons why you should consider joining a karate program.

Grow Your Fitness Level

When you enjoy the activities you do, you will be more motivated to keep at them when the challenge arises. Karate is a great form of fitness exercise, that gets you jumping, kicking, punching, and more. It’s also fun to take part in, which will help keep you motivated to stay and keep improving as your skill levels improve.


Karate programs breed strong discipline skills and valuable life skills to take with you out of the dojo. Through karate, you will learn how to push through obstacles and emotions, break through challenges, and conquer them all. You will build self-confidence, listening skills, and more.

Get Prepared

Learning karate gives you the tools to be vigilant and learn valuable self-defence skills if that need ever comes your way. Karate gives you the tools to protect yourself and live a safe and healthy life.

Your Dojo is Family

Your class will become a second family as you each watch, strive, and help each other grow. Together you learn to face adversity and help each other succeed. By being in the class, and taking an active participant role, you will join the family that grows with you all the way to your black belt, and beyond the dojo.

Always Keep Learning

Even if you earn your black belt, the learning will never end. You will always be able to keep training and learning. Start at any age and instantly be welcomed into the dojo. Karate lessons are both fun and challenging.

The Powerhouse Martial Arts and Fitness offers karate classes for all ages in the Vancouver area. Contact us to hear about your trial classes and get started on your journey through martial arts.

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