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  • Traditional Weapons Used In Karate

    Traditional Weapons Used In Karate While most know Karate to be a primarily empty-handed self-defence martial art, many Karateka do train with weapons from time to time. From a basic understanding, no weapons are involved in Karate, due to its origins in Okinawa where they lived under a weapons ban. In Okinawa, when locals were prohibited from carrying weapons and practicing martial arts, many hid their training and even fashioned simple weapons (known as Kobudo). The story goes that most Okinawans trained with both empty hands and these primitive weapons – most Karate strikes can be used with weapons for heightened effect. As a result, many Karateka practice weapons-based ....

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  • Karate Katas: A Quick Guide

    Karate Katas: A Quick Guide In Karate, many Karateka (students) practice various styles of Karate. Whether you have a white belt or a black belt, each type of Karate is slightly different. To begin, there are three fundamental basics of Karate, which all styles share: Kumite, Kihon and Kata. Kumite: Freestyle Karate sparring judged by scoring – often for competition Kihon: The essential techniques taught in Karate and their sequences Kata: The standard pattern of strikes, blocks, punches and kicks used during sparring What is Kata? Kata is the repetition of a set choreography that all Karate students must learn from the beginning. Kata was designed to be ingrained in ....

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  • Is Karate Right For Kids?

    Is Karate Right For Kids? Finding a hobby or activity to do with and for your child can be a complex process. You can do many different types of activities, from sports, martial arts, music, dance, gymnastics, etc. Some believe a controlled physical activity setting is better for a child’s development than playing sports, such as martial arts. Karate is faced with many concerns that it develops bullies or aggressive children ready to hurt others. But, Karate is a great sport for kids to pick up and learn and here’s why. When properly trained in Karate, a student develops discipline, focus, clarity, social skills, confidence and more valuable life skills – more than ....

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  • Unleashing Potential: How Karate Enhances Mental And Physical Strength

    Unleashing Potential: How Karate Enhances Mental And Physical Strength Karate is an all-encompassing martial art that works to engage both body and mind and work on improving oneself for the better. Taking up karate is not just for regular exercise; it has various benefits beyond burning calories. Here are 5 tips on how Karate can boost your mental and physical strength. Physical Conditioning Of course, a main component of Karate is its physical exercise. Regular training will help improve your strength, flexibility, endurance and overall fitness. As a strike-based art, all those kicks and punches will help build your muscles, coordination and agility. Mental Focus and ....

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  • Comparing Karate To Kickboxing

    Comparing Karate To Kickboxing Both Karate and Kickboxing are striking arts, and are quite popular worldwide. Both skills use a mix of punches and kick to defeat and incapacitate opponents quickly. While both Karate and Kickboxing use striking arts, they are also different from one another. Karate and Kickboxing share different technical aspects, philosophies and rules and equipment. In fact, the two are more different than they are the same. Which Do You Choose? Which art you choose to learn is all dependent on your personal needs and goals. If you’re looking for a sport to enjoy, you may wish to pursue kickboxing. If you’re looking for self-defence, you could ....

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  • The Philosophy Of Karate

    The Philosophy Of Karate At its core, Karate’s focus is not just on physical activity and strength. Beyond self-defence technique and strength building, Karate is about developing character, improving the mind and body together, and growing through virtue and other valuable life skills. While you can approach karate as a physical activity promoting healthy routines and fitness levels, there is much more to gain from participating in a Karate program. Why Was Karate Formed? Karate was formed in Okinawa as a self-defence technique when bearing arms were banned at various times on the Japanese island from 1477-1879. The first form of martial art developed was known as Okinawa ....

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