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The Powerhouse Academy Martial Arts & Fitness

Respect All. Fear None.

Welcome to The Powerhouse Academy, where we're proudly offering the best martial arts and fitness training in Vancouver. Our Karate classes instill vital life skills in students of all ages and our Fitness Kickboxing can help you have fun getting fit like never before. PLUS, you can learn the best real-world self-defense skills in no time or take on our Adult Martial Arts program for a more traditional take on the style of Shotokan Karate. The bottom line is, we're committed to our community and we're proving it every single day. Challenge yourself or your child with an exciting martial arts journey today. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started now!

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Kids Karate

FREE / 2 Weeks

Fitness Kickboxing

FREE / 2 Weeks

Adult Martial Arts

FREE / 2 Weeks

Self Defense

FREE / 2 Weeks

The Powerhouse has turned my kids around!! better manners was the first thing I noticed after only a few weeks and then Fitness. They sure know how to teach discipline, while offering fun classes that my kids always look forward to.

Jenn M.

I love my students, all special in their own ways, and especially the kids we have at The Powerhouse, a ton of fun training with :) Full of "positive energy" and contagious enthusiasm. I thank God every day when I head to the dojo, for having them all in my life

Adult Martial Arts Vancouver

Ramin E.

I didn't know much about karate when I started... I wanted some kind of workout to get in shape. Amazingly, lost over 25 pounds in only 3 months and feel so much more confident too. I am so glad I found the PH.

Ken M.

Very impressed with the quality of instruction. Well structured programs, knowledgeable instructors, and friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Adult Martial Arts Vancouver

Ilene S.

The instructors here are amazing! dedicated and totally into what they do. They provide individualized attention and teach skills I never thought I would be able to do! I never thought karate could be such a fun challenge. I love my new Way of Life.

Sarah M.

Powerhouse Rocks!

Truly a life-changing experience.

Adult Martial Arts Vancouver

Elham M.

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