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Who We Are

The Powerhouse is a traditional dojo focused on karate in Vancouver, specializing in Shotokan Karate (JKA Karate style).

The Powerhouse was established in 1992 by Sensei Ramin Emami (6th dan) fully trained at the JKA headquarters by the Japanese national team and masters of Shotokan Karate. The classes at The Powerhouse are led by a team of certified black belts, trained not only in Karate, but also in a number of valuable life skills that separates it from the typical Karate school, highlighting the mental aspect of karate. At The Powerhouse students will learn goal-setting and will learn how to make a plan for success. Learning a thing or two about Dedication, Commitment and Self discipline are some of the aspects highlighted, all needed for a successful experience not only in karate, but also in every aspect of life. This is how we empower our students, not just by covering the physical aspects and the techniques of Karate

Additionally, we offer “age-specific” classes to make sure that while our students are challenged, they are not placed where they would be under too much pressure as they try to keep up with older kids. We keep every student’s age and fitness level in mind when we design our classes.

We pride ourselves in our Training System that we’ve developed through the years with a lot of trial and error that has resulted in programs that work well for different ages and fitness levels.

We understand, hearing about things is one thing, and seeing them for yourself is another. So we have designed a short Intro for you at a discounted rate, so you can have a chance to meet our instructors and take our classes for a test-drive before you decide as to whether or not this is the right program for you.