• Improved athletic performance and overall fitness

  • Increased energy

  • Improved speed and coordination

  • Improve flexibility and agility

  • Decrease body fat – lean muscles

  • Fun with partner practices and sparring skills

  • Fitness Kickboxing can be done recreationally, simply for fun and fitness, or can be driven into high gear for extraordinary results!

Fitness Kickboxing at the heart of our Fitness Program at The Powerhouse

Want to be fit like a black belt and are interested in martial arts, but don’t want to run the risk of going home with bruises?

Are you simply looking for a good workout, but get bored in the gym? If yes, you should try Fitness Kickboxing,

There is no sparring and risk of contact in these classes, but you will learn and work on effective sparring skills, with a partner. The intensity of these classes is easily “adjusted” to match every player’s fitness level and capabilities.

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