If you’re considering karate for your child, it’s important to select a martial art that is appropriate for their age. Kids learn basic kicks, punches, and techniques in a structured environment. These movements are practiced on striking shields to ensure safety. Classes also include games and agility movements. Light sparring is also available so that your child can experience actual fighting without putting themselves at risk.

The Japanese martial art of Jujitsu is another great choice for younger kids. Kids can learn to defend themselves with this sport, and it teaches respect. This martial art has many benefits, including the fact that it’s non-competitive, which makes it great for small children.

As with any martial art, your child will have to work hard. This means that they may have a few sour attitudes at first. Sometimes they don’t want to do their work, and they don’t always pay attention. However, this is a temporary phase that will soon be over when your child begins to enjoy the sport.

While many people consider six years old to be the perfect age for karate lessons, kids can begin at any age. In fact, many karate schools accept children as young as three. The right time to start karate classes is when your child starts showing signs of interest. However, even if you are a three-year-old, karate can be a great way to help your child develop character.

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