Choosing karate classes for your children is a great way to help them develop their self-defense and social skills. However, there are many things to consider before signing up for a class. First, you should consider the cost. Most facilities offer discounts for children. Expect to pay as much as 50 percent less than the normal adult rate. Of course, the discount amounts will vary depending on the child’s age. Teens are usually eligible for a smaller discount.

Seido Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art. Instructor Karin Ferber Hillman has studied for 25 years with the founder of the system, Grandmaster Kaicho T. Nakamura. Karin is an engaging instructor and has years of experience teaching children about street awareness and discipline. Children will learn self-control, focus, hand-eye coordination, and balance in her classes.

Parents love the fact that their kids will be able to practice martial arts while developing their character and self-esteem. They will also be able to protect themselves and other people in a variety of situations, including fights. Kids who join classes will develop confidence and self-esteem while they learn about karate.

Bullying is a serious problem in many children’s lives. It can have lasting psychological consequences. If children learn self-defense skills, they’ll also learn how to deal with attacks and bullies in a non-violent way.

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